Laurel & Hardy at The Elgiva

Laurel & Hardy are widely regarded as the greatest comedy duo in film history. To celebrate the new biopic starring John C Reilly and Steve Coogan (showing at The Elgiva on 12th March) we are delighted to bring two of the original films back to the big screen.

Introducing our showing of The Music Box (in which our hapless heroes attempt to deliver a piano up the longest flight of steps you might have ever seen) and The Flying Deuces (Stan and Ollie join The Foreign Legion… what could possibly go wrong?!) we are thrilled to welcome Chris Daniels to The Elgiva.

Chris is the Director of Bristol’s Annual Slapstick Festival – Europe’s largest silent comedy film festival.  Since its inaugural edition in 2005, which was guested by Paul Merton, Chris has produced over 300 successful live cinema events including screenings in Italy, London and San Francisco.

You can find out more about the festival here, or watch Chris discussing it and his love of slapstick here.

Book tickets for our Laurel & Hardy double bill here and for Stan & Ollie, the feature film, here.




9th February 2019