Reverberations – A Stunning Exhibition by Local Artist Margaret Mee

The Elgiva is delighted to be showcasing a series of works by local artist Margaret Mee. Margaret’s formal art training was in ceramics, and sculpture has always been a great inspiration and influence in her work. Her work as an art and photography teacher has enabled her to explore a wide variety of subjects and mediums, and this, along with her work with young people ensures her pieces are brimming with fresh ideas and new concepts.

Margaret’s drawings concern power and force, capturing strength as well as the beauty of the human form; close interaction of figures creates a powerful intimacy and tension and her exhibition Reverberations, based around the themes of energy and music, is brimming with energy and movement.

Margaret says: “The medium of Graphite and Charcoal afford fluid and dynamic strokes whilst allowing me to create an almost physical quality in the definition of the figures. Within my ink and colour work I will often try to capture the speed of the action though the fluidity of the medium.”

Reverberations is free to view whenever The Elgiva is open (until Friday 25th September) and pieces and limited edition prints are available to purchase through the Box Office. Margaret’s website can be found here. Our interview with her can be found here.



By M.Mee


The echoing sound resounding around and around,

Rhythms and repetitions each entwining with the next.

Pulses lifting the spirit and letting it soar



From the finger tips into the strings,

The energy reverberates and the air pulsates.

The beats without become the beat within,

A hymn for the soul.


A note, a key unlocking a melody,

Opening a passage for mind and soul

To escape reality and soar.


Harmonies coming together,

Entwining, enveloping,

Reaching deep down

To lift up high.


Beats of the drum pulse through the crowd,

Feet stomping while playing it loud.

Strings strummed, Keys hammering,

Spotlights blinding,

Audience clamouring.


A pause, a breath drawn,

Tensions mount, expectations rise,

Lungs release,

Magic in the air.

6th August 2020