Summing up Buckinghamshire – in 100 objects!

Our county has a rich and varied history that stretches back hundreds of thousands of years. Our museums and archives, landscapes and properties hold a wealth of treasures that date back over 300,000 years – and that’s just the man-made ones!

What are the objects that define our county and its people and how do they tell Buckinghamshire’s story?

As we are left reeling by the COVID-19 pandemic and effects of lockdown, Buckinghamshire Culture has created an online campaign to discover the story of Bucks in 100 Objects. Long-term, the plan is to curate an exhibition and create a publication, county trails and a website that sing the praises of the splendid object and heritage that make our country the place that it is.

For now, however, the goal is connection; in fostering a sense of community and local pride, Buckinghamshire Culture hopes to bring people together, sharing what they love about the county in which they live.

They have asked a few residents to kick off the search for 100 objects and are inviting debate, discussion and further nominations. From the River Chess to the Tawny Owl and from a pint of Chiltern Ale to Bekonscot, the suggestions received and inspired and varied – but what would you suggest? Follow the discussion on Twitter with the hashtag #Bucks100.

To be considered as one of the 100 objects, nominations must be:

  • Physical objects within Bucks
  • Objects that hold some kind of heritage, cultural or community value
  • Be available to be photographed/videoed if not actually on display
  • Objects must be suitable for people of all ages.

Visit all the suggestions and find out how to nominate yours here. The team will be sharing people’s suggestions and they hope to hold a public vote to help decide the final 100 objects.

30th May 2020