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Chiltern Made Craft Fair – find out all about our exhibitors!

Join us for an incredible array of stalls, packed with everything from keepsakes and art to decorative items, perfect presents and delicious treats, all designed and made by talented local creatives and artists.

Puddingstone Distillery

Pitching camp on the boundary between classic and contemporary artisan gins, multi-award winning Campfire Gin is distilled by Hertfordshire’s Puddingstone Distillery.

Named Campfire because founders Ben and Kate have enjoyed their best gin and tonics outside and around campfires.

The multi-award winning Campfire Gin range consists of:

Campfire London Dry – refreshing juniper, sweet orange and rich golden berry.

Campfire Cask Aged – citrus and piney juniper meet vanilla, caramel and soft fruity bourbon notes.

Campfire Old Tom – fragrant and lightly spiced with a hint of roasted barley sweetness.

Campfire Navy Strength – dry, smooth and zesty with pleasing candied fruit notes.

Their Christmas PUD PUD Cherry Gin will also be available – a gin made using Christmas pudding ingredients and fresh cherries from Horwoods in Bucks! Re-launched this year in 70cl bottles.

Come and see them at the Craft Fair for Christmas gin gifts, bottles to take home and gin gift packs.

Lets Be Cats Jewellery

Chesham based Liz Turner is the face behind Lets Be Cats Jewellery and she loves to upcycle unusual materials into something new.

Book pages, maps, bicycle inner tubes, playing cards and more are refashioned into jewellery, accessories, cards and decorations. She also takes commissions for her map work – jewellery and Christmas ornaments.

This year she has held a number of workshops using upcycled paper and also new are her range of Story Tins which incorporate words cut from famous novels, matched with an original map featuring the story’s location.

She’s hoping to expand and develop both of these ideas in the coming year.

You can also find her work at Little Wren Collections in Great Missenden and online at Etsy.com and TheBritishCraftHouse.co.uk.

Made to Scale

Ali started making jewellery out of chainmaille many years ago, but rediscovered her love of it during the pandemic lockdowns.

Her bracelets, earrings, necklaces and other accessories use both traditional and modern chainmaille and scalemaille techniques to create one-of-a-kind pieces for both everyday wear and special occasions. 

Create Your Happy

Liz and Laura established Create Your Happy from a desire to help people take time out to craft! They recognise the huge benefits from sitting down and ‘making’, and love to make crafting fun, achievable and accessible to all!

They have an ever-growing Craft Kit range for adults and children, with materials, full colour instructions and a link to a video guide, helping you learn the latest craft trends.

They also run public, private and corporate craft workshops in the local area, in which they help people enjoy nourishing, mindful, creative experiences.

Hooked On Leaves

Sarah from Hooked on Leaves is a natural dyer; she has always loved nature and crafting, so when she discovered botanical printing and natural dyeing in 2019 it seemed a perfect fit. It quickly became a passion!

Sarah uses plants, flowers and leaves to dye and print textiles. Creating clothes and accessories from natural fibres, combining the crafts she is passionate about, Sarah also likes to use upcycled fabric and clothing, giving new life to unwanted textiles so reducing waste.

Sarah can often be found gathering the leaves, flowers and plants in the Chilterns where she lives or from her own garden. The connection to nature and the excitement of unbundling a piece that has been eco-printed or dyeing a skein of yarn in a beautiful plant dye is what keeps her coming back for more!


Kat is a local illustrator working on a range of cute and quirky gifts. These all include her fun cartoon style and range from adorable pin badges to humorous greetings cards, postcards and prints.

She has created her own comics including a family-friendly dinosaur adventure, Dinos and Dice Rolls, and is the illustrator on the more brooding series Tails of Mystery.

The Sock Sisters

The Sock Sisters are a pair of sisters who share an antique sock knitting machine.

They knit merino wool socks in beautiful subdued, rich colours. They also make “LongHotties” in alpaca wool, perfect for keeping warm and cosy.

New to their range are their “Dinkies” a small version of their long hot water bottle and their hand warmers all knitted on the sisters’ “cranky” sock knitting machine.

Polka Dots and Roses

Polka Dots and Roses is a small sewing business run from a garden workroom based in Stoke Mandeville.

Laura makes all her items from carefully chosen fabrics – items for your home and for those you love!

Items range from cushions to bunting, to hanging hearts.

You can also attend workshops where Laura will teach you and your children the skills you need to make your own project.

Julia Batten Glass

Working in her Chesham studio, Julia Batten creates bright, colourful and quirky fused glass pieces for the home and garden – all of which are certain to raise a smile! 

Julia also runs very popular workshops throughout the year, which are suitable for beginners and improvers of all ages. Julia is constantly creating new pieces and is always happy to chat about her work – come and visit her at Chiltern Made and see what she’s been up to recently!

LJC Pottery

Pottery is a lovely hobby for Laura – she says it’s good therapy throwing clay about!

Laura loves experimenting with new glazes to see what can be achieved using different colours together. Her style is very varied as she likes to try out new ideas such as her little vases with houses on them.

Ellie's IPad Art

Based in Aylesbury, Ellie spends her spare time sketching quirky and characterful creatures, all on her iPad Pro.

Ellie will be back at The Elgiva this November with a range of cards, prints, gifts and more.

Looking for a unique Christmas gift? Ellie also does pet portraits!

Wildflower Botanicals

Anna believes magic is in the detail. From concept to execution, each product is carefully handmade for wellness and positivity with only best in class and ethically sourced ingredients.

In today’s fast-paced world, it is essential to prioritise self-care and create moments of mindfulness. Their aromatherapy collection is meticulously crafted using the finest natural ingredients, ensuring a luxurious and indulgent experience for their customers.

Each product is thoughtfully designed to promote relaxation, wellness, and a sense of balance in your daily life.

Notion Jewellery

Notion Jewellery is handmade woodland silver and gold jewellery, simple designs inspired by nature, woodland leaves, oak, beech, sycamore and acorns cast in recycled gold, eco silver, and silver clay with precious and semi-precious stones.

At the heart of Caroline’s jewellery making is a deep-rooted love for the natural world, inspired by the breathtaking Chiltern Woodlands surrounding her home in Hertfordshire.

Growing up in the countryside instilled in her a passion for nature, which now finds expression in her beautifully crafted woodland jewellery. All the pieces are created from trees and plants local to the Tring area and can be made in silver, 9ct or 18ct gold on request.

Caroline can also use your own sentimental heirloom metal to create new jewellery of your choice.

Wood Dudeism

The Wood Dude is also known as Stephen Madden.

Stephen is a self-taught woodworker who creates art from fallen timber gathered around the Amersham/Chesham area. He uses British-manufactured eco-friendly dyes and colours and finishes his work with natural food safe waxes. It is this simple ethos that helps him achieve the smallest carbon footprint he can.

Marie Jones Fibre Art

Marie is a self-taught fibre artist with a passion for wool crafts; she creates original artwork, combining wool felting, fabric collage, free motion machine embroidery and hand stitching techniques. 

Marie describes her craft as “painting with wool”, because it lends itself to expressing textures and colours in the same way as one would use watercolour paints, oils or acrylics. It adds a warm, tactile element to the piece.

Marie uses natural and dyed wool as well as speciality and synthetic fibres to create her art.

Once layered on a suitable base, the wool fibres are welt felted using soap and water or dry felted with a barbed needle. 

Both methods knit and bind the fibres together to make the picture. 

Further embellishing adds depth and texture. 

It is a labour intensive, challenging and rewarding process. 

Marie is inspired by her love of the outdoors, exploring the coastlines and mountains of her native Scotland and the Chiltern hills of Buckinghamshire where she now lives.

Chiltern Bee

Chiltern Bee is a small, low intensity bee keeping venture, with hives located in the South Chilterns, mainly between Henley and Marlow (the Hambelden Valley).

Chiltern Bee was founded by a beekeeper who is a biochemist by training (worked Pharmaceutical R&D for over twenty years).​

Only the local native bee species is kept, and the focus is beeswax rather than honey. Product development is centred on effective skincare​, and all products are unique and formulated by the founder. All have been independently safety assessed, undergone stability testing and are registered with the UK cosmetic agency.​

The products behave completely differently from “High Street” products.​

Skin Balms are made with the purified honeycomb beeswax, sweet almond oil and coconut butter. These three ingredients create an intensively moisturising balm where the oil and butter moisturise the skin which is locked in by the beeswax forming an occlusive layer.

Lipbalms are made with beeswax, extra virgin organic olive oil and shea butter. They work the same way meaning that one application should be sufficient for an entire day.​

Soaps are incredibly mild, yet are still true soaps in they are of a pH to kill bacteria and cleanse. This is due to the properties of beeswax and “superfatting” of the soap, making it gentle on the skin. ​

​“Naked Bee” only have the bare minimum ingredients to produce an incredibly simple yet effective product. There are then generally three variants: Mandarin & Grapefruit, Lime and Lavender. These are created by adding cold pressed essential oils to the Naked Bee base.​

​In addition to cosmetics, Chiltern Bee also produce honey, candles, bath-bombs and beeswax based homeware products (chopping board conditioner, leather conditioner and furniture polish) as well as Beeswax Food Wraps.​

​Product sales support our local bee population​!

Yvonne Makes

From making her own clothes as a teenager to designing and creating leather bags and accessories, Yvonne has developed a wide range of skills which she has put to great use in the development of a range of beautiful cork products. With sustainability and the rise of veganism in mind, cork is the perfect material, being sourced from the bark of a tree, Quercus Suber, the cork oak.

Following a random suggestion to try cork from a friend, Yvonne took up the challenge, imported printed cork fabric from Portugal, then designed and made bags, purses, pen cases and much more.

Find Yvonne on Facebook and Instagram at Yvonne Makes.


Jenny Hoole makes modern, affordable fused glass for the home and glass with silver jewellery. Her inspiration comes from vibrant colours, textures and patterns which combine to make contemporary, bright glassware.

Living in the Chilterns influences the abstract, enamel painted  panels and bowls, drawing from the local landscape and translating the ideas into abstract pieces.

Jenny is a member of the Buckinghamshire Craft Guild and The Contemporary Glass Society.

Chilton Ceramics

Caroline likes to make expressive animal sculptures which are then finished in underglaze and fired to stoneware. She is influenced by both domestic and wild creatures and tries to capture their individuality in her work.

She is delighted to be returning to Chiltern Made fair again this year!

Twee Preserves

Twee Preserves grows, makes and sells a range of homemade delicious preserves, local honey, pure beeswax candles and gifts.

All made with love in Hertfordshire.

We're updating our exhibitors list all the time, so please come back soon!

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