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The Crafty Herbalist

Find out more about one of our Love Elgiva Retail Partners, The Crafty Herbalist, who aims to help you achieve lasting wellness through plant-based medicine...

The Crafty Herbalist, led by Kristine De Block, is a herbal business nestled in the heart of Chesham.

With a wealth of experience as a qualified medical herbalist spanning two decades, Kristine has the joy of serving the local community right from her home practice, complete with a well-stocked herbal dispensary. 

 Kristine’s profound love for plant medicine and natural wellbeing spills over into a range of inspiring activities. 

She happily imparts her wisdom through herbal courses, immersive workshops, enlightening talks, nurturing study groups, and enchanting herbal walks in the breathtaking Chilterns. 

Every interaction is carefully crafted to ignite a deep passion for herbal remedies and local plant medicine in the hearts of all those she meets.

Kristine’s herbal consultations take place over a cup of herbal tea in her home clinic in Chesham; with fifteen years of experience and a fully-stocked dispensary on site, Kristine puts her patients’ mental and physical wellbeing at the heart of her practice.

Because she believes it is important to treat the person as a whole rather than the symptoms, her herbal treatment plans are always highly individual and treat respiratory, immune, digestive, cardiovascular and skin conditions and problems.

The popular Crafty Herbalist Academy offers the opportunity to deepen your connection with the healing power of nature.

If you recognise the urge to reconnect with our natural world, then listen to the call of your inner herbalist, eager to rekindle the ancient wisdom we have lost. 

The Academy aims to shepherd you on a journey through the fundamentals of herbal medicine and the human body, exploring plant-based therapies, and experimenting with an array of beneficial herbal blends.

Kristine’s Junior Herbalist Club meets once a month for 90 minutes, with ten sessions spanning from September to July each year.

The club aims to reignite the connection between children and the natural world around them. In a secure, supervised environment, children learn about medicinal plants and their uses, while subtly integrating core subjects like English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Botany, Latin and Cookery. Furthermore, the programme aids in enhancing confidence, refining motor skills and broadening their skill set.

On completion, the children receive certificates of attendance and a badge to mark their accomplishment.

The Crafty Herbalist
Sunnyside Road

☎️ 07821 774286
🌐 The Crafty Herbalist

Love Elgiva members bag themselves:

  • 10% off first consultation fee (excludes prescribed herbs)
  • 10% off local walks and workshops
  • 10% off the first payment upon joining the Crafty Herbalist Academy

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