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Elgiva Box Office 01494 582 900


Tale as old as Time

Sarah Helm reflects on doing time at His Majesty’s Pleasure. Grab your porridge, we’re behind bars in our monthly film blog!

Just Innocent Fun?

Sarah Helm reflects on the shared, universal experience of school days in her monthly film blog… Welcome to the Summer Term!

An evening at The Elgiva…

An evening at The Elgiva is really something rather special! We hope you can join us for our live music special…

All about Little English

We are delighted to be partnering with Chiltern Creative and Chiltern Film Society to bring you this terrific film… now read all about it!

Come away with me…

Sarah Helm finds out that everyone has a story to tell in her monthly film blog… and some are more true to life than others!

Sandy Herz Exhibition

A mixed media exhibition featuring land and seascapes, as well as flowers and nature…