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When it comes to this apprentice, The Elgiva is glad to say “You’re hired!”

The Elgiva is delighted to announce we have appointed a new Technical Theatre Apprentice.
Riley – our tech apprentice


We are delighted to announce that Ryley has successfully completed his Apprenticeship and has joined The Elgiva as our new Theatre Technician.

A thrilled Ryley told The Elgiva: 

“I am so grateful to everyone at The Elgiva for helping me on my journey to Theatre Technician. I have learned so much throughout my apprenticeship, and I am really looking forward to putting it all into practice and to continuing to develop my skills. 

”My technical theatre apprenticeship helped me to gain invaluable experience in a professional setting – working in an actual theatre, helping to stage everything from panto to live music gigs and from cinema to community workshops. It was a practical approach to learning and every day was different!   Now I’m looking forward to helping our next tech apprentice make the most of this opportunity, too!”


Ryley Fountain tech apprenticeRyley Fountain joins the theatre as our new apprentice, starting in July after The Elgiva reopens. As Technical Theatre Apprentice, Ryley will support touring shows who are visiting the venue, as well as the companies and local community groups we work with to create performances and events. Ryley will also support our Technical and the Lighting, Sound and Video teams to help deliver the technical needs of this multi-purpose venue.

Ryley has already had hands-on experience of what it’s really like to work in theatre, as he completed our successful intern programme while studying for an Extended Diploma in Music Technology L3 at Bucks College.

“Before I started at The Elgiva, I wasn’t very social – in fact I was quite shy,” Ryley explains. “I used to get nervous, but being at The Elgiva, you just have to get stuck in! You have to find out from all the productions exactly what they want, while explaining to them exactly how you’ll get it done. It’s done wonders for my communication skills… I can talk to anyone now, and I have loads of confidence. I feel like I could do anything now.”

Ryley is thrilled to be joining The Elgiva crew full-time on his two-year apprenticeship. “I’m gobsmacked!” he says. “Honestly, that’s the best way to describe it. I really wanted to get this apprenticeship, and worked really hard towards getting it, so I’m totally thrilled.

“It was tricky doing the whole interview process via a video call, but everyone at The Elgiva made the process as comfortable as possible. I can’t wait to get stuck into the theatre lighting as I have had some experience with sound already, learning about the lighting will complement that knowledge.”

Theatre Manager David Cooper said: “Ryley proved his dedication to the theatre as an intern, and we are delighted he is going to be progressing his skills with us. We were thrilled by the excellence and strength of the candidate field, so it was a very competitive process. Ryley’s apprenticeship will give him a solid range of portable skills and allow him to develop both creatively and professionally. The Elgiva is glad to foster young talent (Ryley’s a veritable Fountain of Youth for us) and help those beginning a career get off to a flying start.”


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Ryley Fountain gets to work

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