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The Elgiva is proud to play a role in Young Creative Bucks

We are thrilled to be helping to overcome barriers to opportunity...

November 2021 saw the launch of Young Creative Bucks – a Cultural Education Partnership (CEP) for Buckinghamshire at The Elgiva; this partnership aims to establish a cultural entitlement for all children and young people in Buckinghamshire that is realised across the landscape, overcoming economic, social and geographic barriers to opportunity.

This will be based on a co-created Cultural Manifesto that will reflect the needs and desires of young people and draw on the experience and understanding of a range of arts and cultural organisations.

Young Creative Bucks is a collective of organisations from Buckinghamshire ranging from local organisations and businesses from the arts, heritage, creative industries, health and social care, schools and higher education – as one of the founders of the initiative, The Elgiva is delighted by how much YCB has achieved so far.

Despite only launching in November, work has already begun to gather the voice of young people in our county to find out how best they can be supported in their creative and cultural education and creativity and culture in their communities.

The CEP is are now at a stage where it is looking to formalise its Steering Group which will commit to taking our CEP forwards. We are delighted that Theatre Manager David Cooper has been invited to be part of that Steering Group – and of course he has accepted!

David told The Elgiva: “Who could say no to joining this incredible team of like-minded people who are striving to make sure every young person in our wonderful county has access to arts and culture? Not I!”

“Young people are under so much pressure these days, especially as we recover from the pandemic, that sometimes it can be tricky to look beyond the day-to-day pressures and realise what we stay alive for – to make others laugh, appreciate beauty, experience delight and feel the thrill of performance,” David added. “I am so proud to have been asked to join the Steering Committee, and so proud of The Elgiva’s contribution to it all; I am looking forward to doing my part to foster access to all the terrific arts and culture available, making sure that everyone has the chance to appreciate them.”

The Elgiva will also provide the venue when needed; as a facilitator, we are delighted to provide the space and opportunity for the practitioners to do create their magic, and we are looking forward to helping to promote these activities.


  • We will support engaging experiences for schools and students to enrich and develop their understanding of arts & culture.
  • We want to tap into the creativity and skills of our young people and support them to develop further.
  • We aim to support our schools, other youth and educational settings to cultivate, nurture and inspire young people with real-world, long-term legacies which are measurable and sharable.
  • We want to establish a youth entitlement across the county, ensuring every young person has access to arts and culture throughout their education, with enriched learning experiences and pathways into industry.

If you are an organisation or business from Buckinghamshire and want to get involved, please contact cwillis@youngcreativebucks.org.

Our thanks to Young Creative Bucks for all the smashing photos!

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